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Arnscott Was founded in 1982 with employees from a company called Radio Speakers of Canada (RSC). RSC was a great company, supplying quality products into the Commercial, Professional Music and OEM industries. The company focus changed and customers were not being serviced, this rubbed against all that the then employees believed in, it was at this point that they made a choice to leave and start Arnscott Electronics Inc. Within 2 years others joined the company. This addition to the company allowed it to directly manufacture products that interested customers, changing the company overall dependency on distribution, to more of a manufacturing base.

From these simple beginnings the company quickly moved into the Life Safety markets, producing Canada's first Life Safety Speaker Devices. With a complete R&D department, and the most advanced computerized test equipment, we are moving ahead to produce still more leading edge, high quality products.

Since 1982, Arnscott has been developing it's commercial sound product line. We now market our commercial products under the Brand Name of AEG(Arnscott Electronics Group) Which accounts for the products that Arnscott Manufactures, with additional third party product lines.

AEG manufactures a complete line of commercial sound products primarily 4-1/2", 5" and 8" loudspeakers, line matching transformers, ceiling and wall baffles and back boxes, attenuators, paging horns....and many more items. Arnscott currently manufactures about 80% of what it sells, some sold through our distribution, some sold through other distributors, and the balance sold through OEM accounts.

In 1999 AEG started its own fabrication and assembly of equipment racks and accessories. We produce wooden and metal racks, along with all the accessories like shelves, drawers and a variety of panels.

2002 saw the introduction of 4 new products, primarily designed for the new Toronto International Airport. An 8" higher powered coaxial speaker, a 5" mid powered coaxial loudspeaker, and an all metal 15w paging horn. Also added, a reentrant type horn mounted in a zinc diecast vandal resistant housing, that is small enough to fit onto a 4" square electrical box.

2003, Arnscott Introduced the first Canadian ULC listed 4" clean room fire alarm speaker.

2005, Arnscott introduced the industries first 150 watt 70 volt audio attenuator, with and without over-ride functionality. We also introduces our first metal wall rack, complete with either all steel or tempered glass front door. The side panels are removable, and an optional Quick install cradle is included.

2006 saw the introduction of the first slide switch attanuators. These products are available in 70 volt, 10w up to 150w rating, and are of a decora slide style.

2007, The owner purchased a building in Arthur Ontario, with the intention of diversifying. Arnscott was moved in the fall, allowing for growth. The building has historical significance as it was the towns original flour mill.

2008 Arnscott supplied all the fire alarm loudspeakers into the new North Bay Regional Hospital. This job saw nearly 3000 speakers manufactured by Arnscott, from our new facility.

For the remainder of time, Arnscott will be settling into our new location, adding internal facilities and making way for an efficient business, allowing us to serve our customers for the forseeable future.

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