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Home Page - Visit our home page!

What's New - Index to find out what's new at AEG
Web Updates - New stuff on our web site!
Press Releases - Info we have released to the media
Company Info - Do you want to know who we are?
Contact Info - Who to talk to at Arnscott!
Company History - Our background.
Industry Partners - Who we partner with?
Our Location - Where are we?
Company Vision - What we wish for our company, and for our customers!
Links - Visit some sites that are relevant to our industry
New Products - What's new!
Product Catalogue Download - Download any catalogues or brochures we have available
Product Group Index - Here is all the product groups, from here you get the specific pages
Equipment Racks Index - A cross reference page...decide what rack you need!
RXG Series - Gangable Full Featured Metal Rack
RME Series - Stand Alone Metal Rack
RWB Series - Compact Wall Rack
RSE Series - Wooden Racks
Equipment Rack Accessories Index - 19", blank, vent, security, fan, filter, Shelving, Drawers, Hardware
Rack Panels - 19", blanks, vents, security, fan, filter, aluminum, steel
Rack Shelves - from common shelves to product that will support 500 lbs!
Rack Storage - drawers, economical, and well made
Rack Hardware - rail, screws, wheels, casters, and more!
Power Control for racks - Power bars and strips
Loudspeakers, Assemblies and Systems Index - Commercial, 4-1/2" to 12", mini-speakers, paging horns, and more!
Professional Series Loudspeaker Assemblies:  Loudspeakers, Best Quality, 5", 8"
Commercial Series Loudspeaker Assemblies:  Loudspeakers, Good Quality, 4", 5", 8"
School Series loudspeaker Assemblies:  Loudspeakers, Economical - Efficient, 4" and 8"
Loudspeakers - Commercial, drivers only, 4-1/2" to 12"
5" Commercial Speaker Assemblies - Complete assemblies, 5" Speaker
8" Commercial Speaker Assemblies - Complete assemblies, 8" Speaker
Loudspeaker Systems - Paging horns, Mini-Speakers, Quick install speakers, In-ground, Sound Masking
Audio Transformers - Domestic and Imported, 70.7 and 25 volt, Autoformers
Grills and Back Boxes for Loudspeakers Index - Grills, back boxes, large volume back-boxes, vandal resistant grills
Grills / Baffles for 5" Speakers - Grills only, see below for speaker assemblies
Grills / Baffles for 8" Speakers - Grills only, see below for speaker assemblies
Back Boxes for 5" Speaker Grills - Metal, round and square
Back Boxes for 8" Speaker Grills - Metal, round and square
High Volume grills & Back Boxes - Large volume enclosures, industrial
Vandal-Resistant Grills and Back Boxes - Vandal resistant grills and back boxes for 8" loudspeakers.
Audio Brackets - Mount those hard to hang devices
Fire Safety Notification Devices - A listing of our currently ULC approved devices
Audio Controls, Wall Plates, Connectors Index - This is the Index page for all the controls listed below
Attenuators, Stainless - Stainless Steel Product, 70, 25 volt, 10, 35 & 75 Watt
Attenuators, Modular - "D" Style Product
Attenuators, 19" Panel / custom - for 19" panel or custom mount Install Product
L-Pads with plates - Stainless and Modular
Controls, Knobs & Connectors - Plates not included
19" rack mounted controls, Miscellaneous - 19" panels, monitor panel, and other miscellaneous controls
Wall Plates & Connectors - Stainless and modular plates for a variety of jobs
Tools & Test Equipment - Hole Saws, Impedance meters, Security driver kits  
Feedback - Good or bad, please let us know so we can serve you better!
Search - Looking for something specific? This search engine will look our site over so you don't have to!
Employment Opportunities - Looking for a new job? Check us out and submit your resume. We will keep it on file, even if there is not any job openings currently available.
Customer Secured Area Access - If you are a current customer and either want access(or have already signed up) to information like dealer pricing, specials, list pricing, and other Dealer Confidential information, click on this link.
Find a Contractor(Dealer) / Link to their web site - If you are a current customer, you can enter your web site address here, along with some company marketing information. If you are an end user, looking for a contractor to do work for you, there is a search engine set up to sort through our contractor list.

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