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 What's New!

New Products, you'll be able to find out what's new, first on the web.

On-Line shopping for customers who have an account with us. With this addition to our web site, you will be able to place an order, and over time, we will introduce stock level checking right from your own browser.

We have started to implement SAP, which will allow us more accurate time controls on our orders from you, our purchasing and our manufacturing. This is a huge undertaking, however when completed will give us excellent control over our inventory, including the time lines for all aspects of the order/manufacturing process.

Open to the general public we will be introducing a sell off area for older or obsolete, or perhaps even overstocked or slow moving products. These prices will be posted as list prices, dealers will be offered a discount if they wish to purchase any of this product.

We are updating all of our specification sheets to bring them more in line to the type of publications you want to present to your current and future customers.

And most importantly is your ability to get more information from one source...24 Hours a day!

Thanks for asking "What's New"

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